From news of product launches, report upgrades, case studies, psychometric research discoveries and assessment myth-busting, we hope you’ll find something of interest in our world of talent assessment.

Talent Assessor Skills Training

A highly practical course (delivered in Chinese) designed to certify you as a behavioral assessor, capable of supporting an AC/DC and assessing competencies using a variety of AC/DC exercises.

Designed for
HR professionals, recruiters, interviewers, talent assessment practitioners.

You will learn
• Principles of assessing behavior
• Key O.R.C.E. process
• Assessing Group Discussions
• Assessing Interview Simulations
• Assessing Problem-Analysis Exercises
• Working in an AC



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Competency model

Recently, on the Cloud Digital HR Carnival hosted by HREC, we shared the topic: Shortcuts for using Competencies for hiring and developing talent. ‘Competency models” are widely seen as “best practice” and are used by most large companies as core models of performance. They are also used to guide candidate assessment in recruitment too. The problem is that only large companies tend to use them! But technology is changing that. The powerful online personality assessments can quickly build competency model, from which we can get richer data and insights that help you make quicker and fairer comparisons between people.

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Presentation at SIOP2020

Over 3000 international industrial and organizational (I-O) psychologists and human resource experts participated in the 35th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), run online over June 16-30, 2020.

For the first time, we were delighted to have CS’s Research Scientist, Yang Yang, presenting two peer-reviewed research articles. Research mainly covers: Strategy for Building Representative Norms and Extraversion and Leadership.




New Talent Assessment

Driven by the demand for custom assessments and reports, a more comprehensive assessment of personality and values has been introduced by our global partner Psytech International.
As fast to complete as the well-known 15FQ+ personality trait questionnaire, the PVQ brings even more benefits:
- Evaluates a person’s core values, as well as key personality traits - Report sets allow easy use for talent selection and development
- Reports can be customized to match the competencies of any job

Free Access To Online Video Interviews

For a limited period, you can replace face-to-face or informal WeChat interviews with a video interview solution designed for recruiters – for free. 

With our new partner, Cognisess, we are delighted to offer a video interview solution - free to any Chinese companies (terms & conditions apply). Users can edit job descriptions, brand the interface, set up interview questions; invite, record and evaluate applicants. It all represents a huge improvement in interview efficiency!


Extended Browser Support

Test-takers using assessments run on the CHIVAS test platform can now use IE, Chrome and Firefox to complete their tests. Assessments benefitting from this include: TD-12 personality risk, 15FQ+ personality traits, GMA cognitive tests, GPS personality screening, and the MEX motivations explorer. This upgrade extends user convenience while still ensuring strong security for our tests.

Shanghai Sunrise

One of the less obvious effects of COVID has been the dramatic drop in support to charities. For many years now, China Select has sponsored the high school education of children from economically disadvantaged families, via the kind and diligent work of the Shanghai Sunrise charity. They are currently desperately seeking new sponsors to help children build a brighter future. If you may be able to help, please contact admin@shanghaisunrise.com

Fighting Together

China Select is providing free online talent assessment recruitment packages for Chinese small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) until the end of March. Related professional training and support are also provided.This assistance can realize remote, objective and scientific recruitment, helping SMEs to overcome difficulties in recruitment at this time.All companies can apply for the free talent assessment optional package by filling in the relevant information through the application form.

Closing Date of Application:

February 29, 2020

Expiration Date of Talent Assessment Tools:

March 31, 2020


Screening for resilience

Every year, millions of young Chinese people enter the job market for the first time. With their youth and inexperience, their emotional coping skills are often under-developed.

Recent research on 3,960 new factory workers found that with lower levels of 10 dark personality traits were also found to have higher resilience, and a better chance of adapting to their new environments.

Screening job applicants for their likely ability to cope with change and with work pressure is an optimal first step to avoid adverse outcomes for new workers.

Consider using the TD-12 or TD-12 CORE as part of your hiring process.


Dark traits & poor investments

In competitive contexts, like in the financial sector, there are some assumptions that anti-social, narcissistic traits might have positive performance outcomes.

A new study by Ten Brinke at al (2017) of 101 hedge fund managers examined dark traits and financial returns from 2005-2015. They concluded: “Managers with greater psychopathic tendencies produced lower absolute returns, and managers with greater narcissistic traits produced decreased risk-adjusted returns.

This suggests that, in the high stakes world of investment, dark personality traits could have a significant and direct negative business impact and should be taken seriously in selection.



Dark leadership & depression

A growing body of evidence now supports a negative association between dark traits in leaders and the psychological health of employees.

A new study by Tokarev at al (2017, in press) found that employee perceptions of anti-social behaviours in leaders was linked with increased workplace bullying, which itself was linked with higher employee depression.

These sorts of studies illustrate how leaders hold extraordinary influence over employee lives, in addition to affecting company performance.

It is now possible to reduce the risk of hiring ‘toxic’ leaders by screening for a variety of dark traits. Indeed, we suggest this will finally become an HR standard within the next few years.


Do your Dark Traits Fit?

Are there psychological differences between people who choose to work in the private and public sectors?

A large UK study by Furnham et al (2014) found that public sector workers tended to be more cautious, withdrawn and acquiescent, while private sector respondents tended to be more anti-social and narcissistic - traits commonly associated with executive derailment.

These differences are likely the result of self-selection and socialization, and also further illustrate insights gained by investigating ‘dark traits’.


Make a Difference

One of our company values is “Do Good”. This applies directly to our work in talent assessment, and beyond.

Reflecting that, for the last 2 years, we have been delighted to sponsor two young people, from disadvantaged backgrounds, through their high school education. They are now about to enter their final year.

Our sponsorship was made possible through Shanghai Sunrise – a dynamic charity dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through educational scholarships.

Please consider supporting them too: www.shanghaisunrise.com


Interviewer Personality

Why do some recruiters use unstructured interviews rather than highly structured ones?

Professionals suggest that structured interviews are likely to give more valid assessment results than unstructured interviews, but not everyone does them. Knowledge might be a factor. What about the interviewer’s personality traits?

Research by Tsai et al (2016) on 327 interviewers found that people with high conscientiousness, agreeableness, and who felt accountability for the hiring decision were more inclined to use structured interviews.

So, if your company wants to use more structured interviews, do consider the personalities of your interviewers!